The Stewardship Redemption

Participatory Sustainability and untraded "EarthUnits"

The global crisis is the result of an addiction to money-growth-greed (MGG) that began in the 1300's in Venice and must be transformed today.  We can design a 'value exchange unit' to go beyond MGG toward an ethical, sustainable consciousness. We can develop a functional construct for all to thrive in balance.  We can initiate an evolution with a 'value engine' that prices "EarthUnits" instead of dollars. 

The EarthUnit notion stabilizes the orchestration of trade to replace MGG with sustainability. It is untraded on profiteering exchanges. The EarthUnit provides a viable alternative to the deification of money in its various forms: capitalism, trusts, neoliberalism, lobbyism, off-shore secrecy jurisdictions, irrational bubbles, fiat currency central bank manipulation, market trading, market dictates, high speed trading, pointless arbitrage, corporatopolies, plutocracies, monopolies, triopolies, etc, etc.  The EarthUnit value exchange unit is definitely not a form socialism or communism but rather a system of STEWARDSHIP of the environment.  The EarthUnit represents integrity in itself since it is predicated on the health of the planet and its inhabitants. 

Within 'Stewardship' the financial-paradigm exchange-challenge is to replace corporate, personal, accumulative MGG withva paradigm of preserving and thriving.  This is accomplished by using a leveling, protective instrument - the EarthUnit.

A. Needed is a sustainable blockchain currency where a realtime, continuously updated 'Environmental Inventory' (ie, health and maintenance of the planet and its lifeforms) would determine the price of all things. A pricing triumvirate would consist of 1) a blockchained democratic voting system for those 16 and older with multiple fault-controlled comparative data engines, 2) elected committees of ecologically-minded, credentialed scientists of essentially all disciplines, and 3) a Supreme Pricing Court - not of $Democrats and $Republicans - but of an ethically designed Artificial Intelligence system governing the weights within the databsed pricing inventory. 

B. Bretton Woods, Mt Pelerin, Wall Street, Canary Wharf, Central Banks, Lobbyists: off-course, disassembling, imploding. Untraded, the EarthUnit is free of greedily conceived market manipulation, Ponzi and pyramid schemes as well as political and financial gerrymandering. The EarthUnit's inventory system controls the price of everything based on realtime ecological conditions. The EarthUnit is a non-invasive method to create, guide, maintain and assure sustainability to achieve smaller, reasonable population numbers, resource stability and resource availability.  

C. Larger businesses must be owned by employees.  Currently stockholders and upper management are the coddled beneficiaries of corporations - an undeniable socialism for the wealthy.  The customer must become the beneficiary of produced goods priced in sustainable EarthUnits.  The employees must become the participants or co-owners replacing the profiteers. 

D. Gold, silver and bitcoin are market traded and therefore just as subject to Ponzi traders as oil, other commodities, indexes or stocks. Short sellers, high speed traders, manipulative credit instruments, market coins, trading markets and fiat currencies must fall into history. These instruments have not propagated "freedom' as so successfully marketed.  We are desperate for a better system.  We are One Earth. One Environmental Unit. One EarthUnit.

E. Launching the EarthUnit: 

1.) The EarthUnit provides an opportunity to use a stable, easily understood opensource trading tool where the value only changes with environmental health factors, including human health.  If the various cryptocurrencies had not been market-traded they would have provided a launching point. Today, a university campus might be a place to launch the untraded EarthUnit.  The school's adjacent support businesses and the surrounding town would naturally follow suit.  A state university, college and community college system may represent 50 or more campuses. The EarthUnit could extend from one campus to the next, one state to the next.

2.) Massive Global NonViolent Civil Disobedience for empowering an "EarthUnit Institute" is needed.  This Institute would foster immediate transitions from all fossil fuels, poor refrigerants and a thorough assessment of synthesized compounds.  Needed is a vast, diverse energy array including a fully decentralized grid with various battery forms and vehicle-to-microgrid capability. Fossil fuel vehicles must be phased out.  Needed is renewably produced hydrogen for planes and trains.  We need wind, solar and geothermal galore, and of course each viable tide must be harnessed since tidal power is consistent and potentially of greatest significance.  We can hope for various forms of medium or high temperature plasma fusion that might be preferable. 

Most of civilization's building blocks - the tenets, mores, ethics, morals, philosophies - have fallen to the power of money, the ultimate universal god.  Velociraptor Capitalists are running wild among us shoving trillions in assets into tax havens. Greed's goal is to keep us running in circles of confusion - sick, broke, uneducated, hateful and consumerized.

Modern financialism is addicted to its own greed, endless weapons production, inane insane nuclear technologies, self-defeating proxy wars and despicable global inequality.  In our search for a better system we see clearly that most of the issues presented by the profit-motivated thinktanks, the media and university curricula are insidious, divisive distractions to preclude us from following the money.  We may not need pitchforks; we may simply need EarthUnits.

- Note1: A rigorously designed constitutional amendment must protect privacy.  We must stop the torrential profiling and selling/sharing of information.  We are cajoled and hammered into preconceived identity and behavioral boxes within an ongoing corporate and government surveillance model.  It is debasing. Offensive. We must be able to walk a mountain trail as individuals, neither as customers awaiting the next ad nor as citizens adorned with 'scoring numbers' written upon our backs.

- Note2: The Technocracy Movement of 100 years ago differs substantially from this notion in that the EarthUnit is neither a social-control construct nor an abstract notion superiortizing technology. Today's arbitrage traders, the Quants, would more aptly be called Technocracy followers than those who may appreciate this proposal which attempts to garner practical equality within the broader paradigm of planetary health for life to thrive.  We must be stewards, neither comrades nor traders. 

- Note3: This scheme is neither totalitarian nor centrally planned in the classic socialist senses. An environmental pricing engine is neither a means to control conjured-up values nor a plethora of justifications.  It is simply a recognition of the laws of physics.  As we continue to destroy the planet's air and water we preclude life.  Within the suggested EarthUnit's construct of environmental pricing one can imagine there would be great opportunity for small businesses to thrive - businesses that would contribute to life.


Historical Rhetoric

• The dinosaurs were around for 170 million years. Though we have been around for 300,000 years, our civilization as we know it is only 12,000 years old. The dinosaurs therefore, in fact, outlasted this civilization 14,000 times over.  Either we evolve our consciousness to become peaceful and thoughtful stewards of this planet - immediately - or we shall achieve extinction in an imperceptible flash of geologic time.

Speculative Rhetoric

• Science Fiction has portrayed advanced civilizations that have inspired us to rocket beyond the hold of our atmosphere.  Are we intellectually incapable of advancing civilization within our atmosphere?  


• The gambling engine currently in play is a poker game where the stakes happen to be survivability.  An EarthUnit value engine that is continuously updated by an environmental health inventory will create a viable economy, sustainability, survivability.


The art in the creation of a more egalitarian 'Evironocracy' is to develop a common good social-political philosophy so as to not project an authoritarian 'ism.'  We are rather good in these arts, none more developed than equating neoliberalism with freedom.   

- Alby Chrisbach