The Moneytarians

~ Moneytarians ~

Archaelogists tell us that the homosapiens fabric of cooperative communities has resulted in the indisputable success of our species. We have outlived at least 20 other hominids because of this careful weave. The moneytarians are systematically unthreading this fragile cloth more flamboyantly than any of the bourgeoisie in history.  Neither royalty nor aristocracy has garnished indentured servitude as dramatically over the populace as the modern moneytarians.  

Neither one god nor any previous assemblage of many gods has ever accumulated the universal, subservient compliance of the money god.  No scriptures hold a ceremonious candle to Wall Street's algorithms. 

In this warring world of their greedy making, the time may come when the moneytarians pull the final thread from our cloth.  During the 2020 pandemic the culling of the precariat is business-as-usual for the failed state. We may yet have the option to tip over Wall Street's wheelbarrow of cash as they search to buy that proverbial loaf of bread.  We might yet line the streets with wooden stockades and bind moneytarians naked accordingly; for it is a structural, cultural unweaving that this aberrant mutation of thieves has perpetrated against human civilization.