Participate in a Climate Change Model

A little understanding. A little time. A few considerations.

As stated on the Climate Prediction website, your unused processing cycles are needed to

"produce the world's most probabilistic climate forecast for the next century."

As you consider climate issues, enjoy these beautiful wind turbine photos from Pennyslvania, Idaho, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, Germany, Ireland and Spain. Contrast this beauty with these photos of fossil fuel facilities.

We built and delivered 50,000 Sherman Tanks to Europe between 1942 and 1945.  Could we not build and install 50,000 wind turbines on our own soil by 2008?

          View of Windmills Daytime
          View of Windmills

Hydrogen, Geo-Engineering, Carbon Capture

We're in a period of geological change. We are rapidly revising the balance of life on earth.

- The fossil fuel industry's existential goal is the continuation of energy dependency.  The two buoys that they must circumvent are 1) hydrogen and 2) geo-engineering.   Both of these green-washed marketeers' concepts are an intrusion and distraction to renewables and conservation.  Hydrogen devices and carbon-capture are promoted to manufacture public consent to view the fossil industry as necessary.

- Be careful of nice looking research since there is no shortage of greenwashing bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry, utilities and transportation industries.  In the 1950's the pipeline companies with the gas companies were aggressively marketing gas appliances, even offering some for free to get consumers hooked.  We simply must move immediately out of harm's way from fossil giants.

- Hydrogen is centralized and expensive.  "Appropriate Technology" is decentralized, available to all, represents the most efficient direct usage with zero emissions.


In such a time of redesign the opportunity exists to produce a fully safe 'bumper car' with 'automated driving' for all vehicle types. Consumers must not be forced into buying larger, heavier vehicles in order to survive a drive.

For 35 years advocates of renewable energy and renwable/hybrid vehicles have been ignored. Safety advocates have always been ignored despite the mass-slaughter on global highways. Eight gas/electric hybrid cars and SUV's are on the market as of August, 2005. A hybrid pickup should be out this year. Expect minivan hybrids in 2007 and with luck they will have folding seats. For now, be certain to demand that your next vehicle be a plug-in hybrid. Demand a fully renewable vehicle tomorrow. Demand a fully safe vehicle today.

Please, put WIND in my backyard

- There are hundreds of thousands of filthy, ugly, environmentally damaging fossil fuel wells, giant tanker ships, old tanker ships, oil rigs in the sea, terciary wells across vast plains, pipelines, power plants throughout our cities, leaking gas tanks in every town and storage yards for fossil fuels everywhere across this planet. They leak, crash, kill wildlife, destroy the atmosphere, damage our health and provide motivation for war. Yet we hear that some object to wind power because of their 'aesthetic view' or because of 'birds.' These 'people' are corporate media story-boards conjured-up to protect oil interests, provocateurs installed by the oil companies, people who own stock in the oil companies and right-wing religious fanatics who wallow in their pandered delusions. Some of these 'people' argue that wind turbines are bad for birds. 50 years ago many more birds crashed into buildings and sat in front of cars than this current generation of birds. Birds learned to avoid flying into buildings and cars and will learn to stop flying into windmills. Birds will be fine if people don't destroy the ecological balance of the planet. Want something uglier than oil wells? Sorry, we only have beautiful windmills.

For smarter and more diverse views and opinions, some great wind history, and technical changes for birds listen to the Living on Earth podcast Catching the Wind.

Where do the 65,000 climate-model participants live?

- Across the globe... Look on the bottom of the World Map page to find your city.

Get started now with the climate study or read a world of information below

This is a 10 minute effort - a perfect little project for your computer(s). Anonymous. Zero degradation of your system. No slowdown. Tiny amounts of electricity.

- Download the free software from the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley for Mac, Windows, Unix, Linux or Solaris.

- Read a few short paragraphs about the Oxford University project, Climate Prediction.

- Then Register anonymously and start it up. That's it.

Need more info before participating?

There's a world of information about this project below. More photos, too.

Sea Level and Climate Time Machines

- The Iceless Earth: Seas are 650 feet higher than today. Tropical fauna exists in Antarctica.

- The Frozen Earth: Seas are 350 feet lower than today. Some forms of life exist below the frozen sea.

How high will the sea rise before the Atlantic Ocean conveyor shuts-down and causes an ice age? How many feet will Florida, global coastal areas and islands be under water before the ocean conveyor ceases? The seas are rising today and will not recede like flood waters. We have only recently learned of climatic tipping points, threshold temperatures that invoke massive change. We have come to understand that at this threshold ice melts very quickly - possibly in a few months or years - and freezes more slowly - possibly in a few years or decades. Will we see 20 feet of sea rise in the next 20 years? 200 feet the next 50 years? 100 years? How many thousands of years will these coastal areas be under water before snowfall in the poles enables the seas to recede? Can we maintain our seas at the current level and enjoy this kind interglacial age that has spawned our species' unprecedented success? Have we already tipped the balance and is sea rise, a subsequent ice age and the decline of our species inevitable? The answers could be found in distributed computer modeling of climatic conditions.


Calculating Answers

With neither your time nor money, please anonymously help with this climate model. Your computer can assist the processing of a secure, internet-based, supercomputing climate model that will more accurately assess issues related to climate predictability. You need neither knowledge nor training to contribute your machine's idle, unused time to these expansive, imperative climate change models that are too large for supercomputers but appropriately scaled to the many computers on the net. Participation requires only a few downloads and 10 minutes of easytime. To date, 5 Million Model Years have been completed with 65,000 registered users in about 160 countries. However, 1.000,000 computers are needed before climate modeling becomes the useful tool that we all require. Free software performs idle time operations that run entirely in the background from your home and work computers with no slowdown of your tasks or bandwidth. The program only performs short uploads and downloads every few weeks. Your computer's screen uses the most energy and is the part of the computer that wears out - not the idle cycles of the processor that the modeling software uses. Note that your particular processor may generate more heat. Set your energy saver control panel to turn off your screen after about 5 or 10 minutes though leave your computer(s) on 24x7. When you move the mouse your screen will turn on again. The climate modeling project uses free, secure, distributed computing software titled the "Berkeley Open Infrasctructure for Network Computing" (BOINC). After registering and a few short downloads the rest is automatic. You'll never have to think about it or do anything and you won't even know it's running unless you look.


The Climate Prediction Model

- The Hadley Centre in the UK offers an overview of climatology and modeling.

- Your computer might be working on various segments of different models.



A short, easy to read 384k PDF
Of Avarice and Sorrow - Velociraptor Capitalism & the Sustainability Challenge©

From the back cover: "The Earth waxes and wanes between an iceless sphere and a frozen sphere. Our current geologic age of remarkable comfort is known as the Holocene Interglacial Age. It is considerably more fragile than we understood even a decade ago. Thriving human societies are dependent on the maintenance of the Holocene. We are not performing our tasks. Before us looms icelessness, monumentally high seas, ferocious storms and relentless disease. Many of the moral imperatives of our institutions have grown to become unethical; we participate in human and environmental atrocities blindly. Our badly entangled social beliefs deny us the ability to perform the Holocene's required maintenance. We must disentangle our historical ideas to generate a mutual-governing consciousness that will balance and continue this very kind Interglacial Age, our lifeline. In so doing we will become a better people; our systems will be those of intentional interdependence with a common goal. 'Sustainability' is the baseline of the solution. We require a "Sustainable Small Business Capitalism" with intensive environmental management so that we may escape our self-defeating rollercoaster of greed. The disparate references found in this text lead you to share a plausible vision. You begin to feel that sustainability is a goal that human culture could achieve. You start to see sustainability as a unifying force. This credible political realm of sustainability would change our extreme social and economic inequities."

Global Goal
In 2020 windmills producing electricity sparkle the seascape, populate the mountains and embolden the plains with handsome, powerful commitments to environmental protection and clean energy independence. Local production reduces the vast grid-shipment energy-loss with solar roofing tiles on each building and windmills atop each lamppost.

Greed's Spin

The fossil fuel industry spin on windturbines compares the cost of constructing windmills with the construction cost of fossil fuel plants. With dishonesty and subterfuge the fossil fuel people disregard the enormous cost of the mining, shipping and maintenance infrastructure of their combustibles. In particular, this group ignores the ongoing, endless associated expense of mining and pumping more and more fuels from a globally depleting inventory. Short term and long-term environmental damage from fossil fuels becomes irrelevant to this industry. The word "renewable" is rendered to be 'expensive' while fossil fuels are drawn as 'cost-effective.'

Columbia's Master of Arts Program in Climate and Society

- Affiliated Departments

- Curriculum

Could beauty equal peace? Here are a few wind links

American Wind Energy

British Wind Energy

Danish Wind Energy

Wind Works

Southwest Windpower

A few climate links

American Institute of Physics (The expaneded text of Spencer Weart's The History of Global Warming© [Harvard University Press])

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Columbia's Lamont Doherty Geological Labs (Earth Institute)

Stanford University's Climate Change Program

NOAA Climate and Global Change Program (link recently removed by Trump Admin)

Danish Wind Industry Association

United States National Wind Technology Center

...And many more global warming links, though these change in time...

An Interview

Charlie Rose interviewed the CEO of Exxon Mobile, Lee Raymond, on May 6, 2004 and December 7, 2004. If anyone has this section of the transcript please write me at the address below. The text below is paraphrased:

Charlie Rose: ~~ Lee, are you not concerned about the impact of fossil fuel consumption on the climate? ~~

Lee Raymond: ~~ Charlie, the Earth has been iceless before and it will be iceless again. ~~


ClimatePrediction.Net Results

Published results in the peer review journal, Nature.

Uh, Why?

Why are these images not more familiar in American Landscapes?

U.S. Cities

Here are a few places and the number of particpants in ClimatePrediction.net:

14 from Greensboro, NC
97 from Raleigh, NC
299 from NYC, NY
333 from San Francisco, CA
0 from Davis, CA
1 from Sacramento, CA
15 from Santa Barbara, CA
190 from San Jose, CA
3 from Los Gatos, CA
306 from LA, CA
132 from San Diego, CA
114 from Palo Alto, CA
4 from Clifton, NJ
1 from Paterson, NJ
0 from Passaic, NJ
179 from Cherry Hill, NJ
45 from Boca Raton, FL
90 from Miami, FL
8 from Lawrence, KS
426 from Atlanta, GA
328 from Chicago, IL
111 from Boston, MA
158 from Minneapolis, MN
154 from Saint Louis, MO
93 from Philadelphia, PA
154 from Austin, TX
189 from Washington, D.C.

Please note that all photographs have been used on this page with explicit permission of the owner.