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In Tragedy -
Rwanda, we cower in shame;
Darfur, we commit the same.

In Civilization -
Angkor of Cambodia fell to the destruction of its jungle,
Maya of Central America fell to water mismanagement,
Mesopotamian Valley between the Tigres and Euphrates Rivers fell to destructive farming practices,
Rome fell to lead poisoning,
Anasazi of the American SouthWest fell to drought,
Third Reich in Germany fell to hatred,
Los Angeles fell to the automobile,
American Health Care fell to velociraptor capitalism,
American Means of Production fell to offshore outsourcing,
American Integrity fell to religious fanaticism,
The United States of America fell to greed.

In Decay -
The insane rule.
The lies self-propagate.
The populace hides.



racing through passes at 10,000 feet
sliding down clay mountain cliffs
rushing waterfalls plummeting into streams emptying into the mere
and up, up again to spring to 12,000 feet upon the peak

to see and ride and run and fly through the weather
the lightening the sun the sweet night air
the spring buds with pinks and yellows such flowers alight
the night the day the changing way

of mountain climbs and pass descents
of streams and creeks and fish ponds delight
the morrows of tomorrows that ease the night
the luck of the weather with this moon tonight



dead, the men who embraced the flame.

dead jack, cried martin,

dead martin, cried robert,

dead robert, cried tomorrow.

ashes, 40 years.


September 10, 2005

Tales of Katrina

Tale #1) Although it seems absurd to juxtapose Steel Joe Stalin and Bambi Bill Gates, both represent the social extremes of their ideologies. The fall of the wall in Berlin on 11/9/89 was 'carte blanche' for Velociraptor Capitalism to run amuck. One can only hope that Hurricane Katrina may spawn a 'Small Business Sustainable Capitalism.' Katrina demonstrates the benchmarks of our rather frightening culture:

Demeanor over Competence
Team Meetings over the Empowerment of Experts
Lobbying over Fairness
Cronyism over Legitimacy
Bureaucracy over Reason
Soundbites over Skills
Religiosity over Ethics
Political Partyism over Individual Evaluation
False Advertising over Direct Comparisons
Pork Barrels over Line Items
Corrupt Voting over Internet Voting
Exploitation over Sustainability
Fossil Fuels over Renewable Energy
Nuclear Waste over No Waste
Consumables over Sustainables
Residuals over Ownership
Talking Points over Honesty
Spin over Truth
Oligarchy over Democracy
Corporatopoly over Oligarchy

Tale #2) The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the person to call to action in emergencies. Not civilians. Disasters require military speed and management.

Tale #3) The size and ferocity of Katrina should be the poster child for Global Warming. Should we not be interested in stabilizing our precious and kind climate? Could Katrina come to represent the turning point in Energy Production? If we manufactured and shipped 50,000 Sherman Tanks to Europe between 1942 and 1944, could we not build and install 50,000 wind turbines in the U.S. between 2005 and 2007? Could we not design, legislate, and subsidize 100% of all roofing shingles to generate solar power, to provide unprecedented insulation and to withstand the heaviest of winds?

Tale #4) Our Earth waxes and wanes between an iceless sphere and a frozen sphere. Our current geologic age of remarkable comfort is known as the Holocene Interglacial Age. It is considerably more fragile than we understood even a decade ago. Thriving human societies are dependent on the maintenance of the Holocene. We are not performing our tasks. Before us looms icelessness, monumentally high seas, ferocious storms and relentless disease. Many of the moral imperatives of our institutions have grown to become unethical; we participate in human and environmental atrocities blindly. Our badly entangled social beliefs deny us the ability to perform the Holocene’s required maintenance. We must disentangle our historical ideas to generate a mutual-governing consciousness that will balance and continue this very kind Interglacial Age, our lifeline. In so doing we will become a better people; our systems will be those of intentional interdependence with a common goal. ‘Sustainability’ is the baseline of the solution. We require a 'Sustainable Small Business Capitalism' with intensive environmental management so that we may escape our self-defeating rollercoaster of greed. Sustainability is a goal that human culture could achieve; it is a unifying force. This credible political realm of sustainability can change our extreme social and economic inequities.


September 15, 2005

My state is governed by a Supreme Court of social architecture. My state puts my fellow citizens to death. It tells me who I can marry. If I am wealthy, it tells me I must live in pain when I need to die. If I'm poor, it tells me I must die now since Health Care is a stock market responsibility. My state would like to tell me I must give birth even if I cannot raise a child. It tells me to pledge an allegiance to a god. It readily sends forces into my home if it considers me non-compliant. My state empowers lobbyists to make my vote meaningless. My state celebrates the aggressions of the corporatopoly and ignores the humility of sustainability. My state.


Water Under Pressure

We have long-known that water neither goes to steam nor freezes when under great pressure. Two interesting discoveries related to water under pressure are described below.

Super-Heated Water:
In the oceans, water is sucked down through the mid-ocean mountain-range ridges toward the magma core. Because of the pressure of the ocean depths this water cannot turn to steam. It becomes super-heated water that is mineralized as it brushes against the magma. Here's an amazing discovery: Every drop of water on the planet has been sucked down through the ridges, super-heated, mineralized and returned through ocean floor vents an estimated 600 to 700 times in the history of the earth. A complete cycle for all ocean water to visit the magma and return takes about 6 to 8 million years.

Super-Cooled Water:
The known range of sea level extremes is about 1,100' from frozen-earth to iceless-earth. In warming periods such as today, near the poles, ice melts and flows through millions of fissures in the IceSheets that are some miles thick. Because of the weight of the ice, the pressure keeps the water from freezing as it makes its way to the bottom of the ice. The result is that today's Continental IceSheets float on beds of super-cooled water, often forming large lakes beneath the miles of ice. Lubricated IceSheets top land masses such as Greenland and Antarctica. The volume of these 'LandSheets' represents an additional 650 feet of potential global sea-level rise added to our current sea-level height. Vast quantities of fresh water are melting into the sea near Greenland. As more melts, the Thermohaline Ocean Conveyor that has maintained our gentle climate will slow or stop, resulting again in an earth that begins the gradual process of snow accumulation in the poles, out which will emerge, eventually, a lower sea-level. Although periods of ice dominance may last thousands of years it was generally believed that sea-level rise would be also gradual. Here's an amazing discovery: In previous geologic eras it has been determined that the transition from thick, ice-frozen poles to higher seas were marked by threshold breakpoints - tipping points - of only a few years.