Shelter America® - Disaster Recovery Cottages

There are vast global markets for transportable, clean and comfortable Disaster Recovery Cottages. Various natural, political or economic disasters destroy the homes of 15 to 20 Million people annually. We can produce self-shipping, fully-reusable, long-lasting, high-production, transportable, 8'x20' plastic and steel Cottages with comfortable kitchens, baths, bedrooms and plenty of windows. Shelter America® will make a distinct and important social contribution and be a substantially profitable business. It will take only one hour on the production line to make each Cottage.

Intended for deployment in large quantities, Shelter America® Cottages would directly relieve the suffering of many, reduce disease, extend life, and provide flexibility in the management of political, economic and natural disasters. Each large city prone to disaster - such as Miami or San Francisco - should store 10,000 Cottages ready for deployment for its citizens or ready to be shipped to other areas. Over 2,000 Cottages can be stacked in one acre. The Cottages can be shipped by truck, train or ship. 13,200 Cottages can be shipped on one Maersk Ship. Water management is built into each Cottage, including a cistern roof, bulk filters, a storage tank, a tank-to-truck connection, a city-water or tank-water connection, 3 water filters, a separate 5 gallon jug connection to the kitchen sink, a water heater, a gray-water connection, a black-water waste tank with clean-out. Additional water solutions such as an African Water Roller and sanitizing bottles will be available. Electrical, communications and air management have also been designed into the unit and provided in the Cottage's internal Utility Shed.

The Cottages have additional carry-over value for many other markets. These same Cottages would be instrumental in developing nations for emergency housing. They would be extremely valuable to the military. The Cottages are easily transported as empty ("tare weight") containers. They do not fall into the "disposable" category such as trailers, stick homes or flakeboard products and tents. They are permanent, rigorous, transportable, storable, beautiful, and inexpensive.

This superior disaster-recovery Cottage concept will be as handsome and as meticulously designed as the cabin of a fine yacht with an expected selling price of less than $10,000. The great price disparity between a yacht's salon and this Cottage exists because modern yachts use custom fiberglass - a very expensive, labor-intensive manual method. Shelter America® Cottages are designed with the same attention to detail as the yacht interior, but are produced using high-production, soft rotomold plastics.
The Cottages will last at least 100 years and can be used, soap pressure-hosed inside and out, re-used, delivered and re-delivered. These Cottages far exceed today's shelter products, use the best of our technologies for production and are fully transportable within the global and conventional transportation infrastructure. 100% standard ISO Container specifications will be Internationally Certified for fully mixed shipments of conventional containers and Cottages.

This shelter concept has been worked and reworked for years representing a number of technological breakthroughs in manufactured housing. A mockup has been built and toured by 300 people including politicians, insurance executives and the military. Their comments and suggestions were noted and incorporated into the current design. Photographs and CAD Drawings are included in the associated concept documents.